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American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz.) American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz.) $1,149.51  GOLD1ozAE-2012/12/31 12/31/17 $1,149.51 $1,333.81 Buy Sell
Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1 oz.) Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1 oz.) $1,149.51  GOLD1ozCM-2012/12/31 12/31/17 $1,149.51 $1,333.61 Buy Sell
American Eagle Silver Coin (1 oz.) American Eagle Silver Coin (1 oz.) $34.08  SILVER1ozAE-2012/12/31 12/31/17 $16.22 $21.58 Buy Sell
Canadian Maple Silver Coin (1 oz.) Canadian Maple Silver Coin (1 oz.) $35.66  SILVER1ozCM-2012/12/31 12/31/17 $16.22 $21.08 Buy Sell
US90% Silver Coins $100 Face (pre1965) (71.5 oz.) US90% Silver Coins $100 Face (pre1965) (71.5 oz.) $1,098.24  SILVER90PC100F-2012/12/31 12/31/17 $1,098.24 $1,357.79 Buy Sell
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  Alamos Gold Provides Notice of Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2016 Financial Results and Conference Call Fri, 20 Jan 2017 22:10:08 GMT
[Marketwired] - All amounts are in United States dollars, unless otherwise stated.
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  Contango ORE, Inc. Announces Final Results for the 2016 Drilling Program Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:30:00 GMT
[Business Wire] - Contango ORE, Inc. is pleased to provide the final drilling results obtained during the Phase III 2016 drilling program being conducted by Peak Gold, LLC, a joint venture between the Company and Royal Alaska, LLC , a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Gold, Inc., managed by Royal, on the joint venture?s gold exploration project in Tetlin, Alaska.
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