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American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz.) American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz.) $1,282.89  GOLD1ozAE-2012/12/31 12/31/16 $1,282.89 $1,488.25 Buy Sell
Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1 oz.) Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1 oz.) $1,282.89  GOLD1ozCM-2012/12/31 12/31/16 $1,282.89 $1,488.05 Buy Sell
American Eagle Silver Coin (1 oz.) American Eagle Silver Coin (1 oz.) $34.08  SILVER1ozAE-2012/12/31 12/31/16 $19.29 $25.13 Buy Sell
Canadian Maple Silver Coin (1 oz.) Canadian Maple Silver Coin (1 oz.) $35.66  SILVER1ozCM-2012/12/31 12/31/16 $19.29 $24.63 Buy Sell
US90% Silver Coins $100 Face (pre1965) (71.5 oz.) US90% Silver Coins $100 Face (pre1965) (71.5 oz.) $1,306.31  SILVER90PC100F-2012/12/31 12/31/16 $1,306.31 $1,611.61 Buy Sell
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  Silver Wheaton (SLW) Stock Climbs on Buoying Silver Prices Fri, 29 Jul 2016 19:56:00 GMT
  First Majestic Silver (AG) Stock Climbs on Higher Silver Prices Fri, 29 Jul 2016 18:58:00 GMT
  Silver Stocks Are Ready to Generate Out-of-This-World Performance Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:20:00 GMT
  Hecla Mining (HL) Stock Climbing as Gold, Silver Rally Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:42:00 GMT
  Silver Wheaton (SLW) Stock Up as Silver Prices Climb Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:09:00 GMT
  Denis Dubourdieu, Who Elevated Bordeaux White Wines, Dies at 67 Thu, 28 Jul 2016 16:58:51 -0500
Mr. Dubourdieu, a scientist, professor and winemaker, owned and managed several estates and educated a generation of French vineyard managers.
  Paul Matysek Joins Skyharbour's Advisory Board Thu, 28 Jul 2016 12:02:01 GMT
[GlobeNewswire] - VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Skyharbour Resources Ltd. (TSX-V:SYH) (OTC Grey:SYHBD) (Frankfurt:SC1N) (the "Company") is pleased to announce Mr. Paul Matysek, ...
  Paul Matysek Joins Skyharbour?s Advisory Board Thu, 28 Jul 2016 12:00:00 GMT
[GlobeNewswire] - VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 28, 2016-- Skyharbour Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce Mr. Paul Matysek, M.Sc., P.Geo, will be joining Skyharbour? s Advisory Board. Matysek is a mining entrepreneur, ...
  Fortuna Completes Acquisition of Goldrock Mines Corp. Thu, 28 Jul 2016 11:00:00 GMT
[Marketwired] - Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. and Goldrock Mines Corp. are pleased to report that Fortuna has completed its previously announced acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Goldrock by way of ...
  Coeur Mining tops Street 2Q forecasts Wed, 27 Jul 2016 22:22:52 GMT
  Why Silver Miners Are Outshining Their Gold Peers in 2016 Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:54:50 GMT
  Which Gold Miners Have Gained the Most Year-to-Date? Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:54:45 GMT
  Coeur Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:26:00 GMT
[Business Wire] - Coeur Mining, Inc. reported second quarter 2016 revenue of $182.0 million, net income of $14.5 million, or $0.09 per share, and adjusted net income1 of $17.3 million, or $0.11 per share.
  Fortuna Announces Retirement of Director Wed, 27 Jul 2016 11:00:00 GMT
[Marketwired] - Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. Mr. Simon Ridgway, Chairman of the Board, announces that Mr. Michael Iverson has retired from the Board of Directors. Mr. Iverson joined the board of the predecessor company of ...
  Hecla Provides Update for Its Dolly Varden Investment Wed, 27 Jul 2016 10:30:00 GMT
[Business Wire] - Hecla Mining Company is providing an update regarding its investment in common shares and warrants of Dolly Varden Silver Corporation .
  What's behind put buying in Hecla Mining Tue, 26 Jul 2016 15:38:30 GMT
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