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  Daily Digest 6/11 - Earth's Dismal Water Future, How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?  
  martenson on 2018-06-11 17:13:12.0
  • The Politics of Pretense: The Status Quo Is the Problem, But It Can't Be Touched
  • MIT scientists created an AI-powered 'psychopath' named Norman
  • Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now
  • Mining asteroids could unlock untold wealth – here’s how to get started
  • A Father's Day Dilemma
  • How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy? More Than Most People Are Making
  • What Would Happen to Money Supply if We Returned to the Gold Standard?
  • 3 Fiat Money Systems That Have Crashed
  • Celestial collisions have the potential to change our planet forever
  • 1816 – Year Without A Summer – Massive Crop Failure, Food Shortages
  • Why Antibiotics Today Could Threaten Your Life Tomorrow
  • One of LA’s oldest community gardens thrived for decades. Then the water wars began
  • Earth's dismal water future, mapped
  • 5 of the Healthiest Fish to Eat (and 5 to Avoid)
  • These Scientists Say It's Too Late to Rid the World's Oceans of Plastic
  • Plastics Industry Knew its Products were Polluting Oceans by 1970s, Then Spent Decades Denying Responsibility and Fighting Regulation

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