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  Daily Digest 7/11 - Venezuela Sees Bartering Resurgence, Corporate Bond Market Getting Junkier  
  martenson on 2018-07-11 15:29:02.0
Daily    Digest    7/11    -    Venezuela    Sees    Bartering    Resurgenc
  • Venezuela sees resurgence of bartering as banks struggle to keep up with hyperinflation
  • Venezuela annual inflation hits 46,305 pct in June - congress
  • Wisconsin cities on hook for $2 billion in worker retirement benefits, study shows
  • Watsonville: Council to consider sending hotel tax increase to voters
  • Euro members consider more super-long borrowing as ECB mulls bond 'twist'
  • One year after historic tax increase, Illinois remains in the red
  • The Corporate Bond Market Is Getting Junkier
  • Mayor Cantrell's promise to remove some red light cameras would mean millions in lost revenue
  • These Pictures. What is Wrong
  • Starvation and Habitat Threats Stalk Killer Whales

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