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  Daily Digest 9/26 - Argentinian Peso Tumbles, Corporate America Could Cause Next Recession  
  martenson on 2018-09-26 14:06:46.0
Daily    Digest    9/26    -    Argentinian    Peso    Tumbles
  • Half-empty policy toolbox is alarming ahead of the next downturn
  • Peso sinks to new low (Philippines)
  • South African portfolio inflows plummet in second quarter
  • Russia Extends Debt-Sale Absence to Longest Since 2014 Crisis
  • Report: ‘True cost of government’ has state $11.6 billion in the red (Florida)
  • Despite national economic recovery, Illinois’ debt per taxpayer worse than during Great Recession
  • Default Shock in India Sees Firms Pulling Most Bonds in Decade
  • Corporate America, not banks, could cause the next recession
  • U.S. credit scores hit new high while household debt skyrockets
  • Argentina peso tumbles as central bank chief resigns

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