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  Off The Cuff: Why The Government Allows Corporate Rackets  
  martenson on 2018-09-28 00:30:57.0
Off    The    Cuff:    Why    The    Government    Allows    Corporate    Rackets

In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss:

  • The Impact Of Natural Disasters
    • There are always surprise ramifications
  • Unequal Oversight
    • Corporations skate free while individuals get nailed
  • Why The Government Allows Corporate Rackets
    • There's just too much money in play
  • Where Is The Tipping Point?
    • When does the abused populace say "No more!"

The government is not famous for its efficiency, or for its fairness. In many cases, that's intentional -- particularly when you look at the incentives in play. Charles explains why our crony capitalist system is allowed, and even protected from enforcement: it's simply too cheap for corporations to influence government policy, regulation and oversight.

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