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  28 Countries Have Experienced Hyperinflation In the Last 25 Years (+118K Views)  
  Lorimer Wilson on 2021-04-07 20:19:31.0
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From the beginning of 1990 hyperinflation has occurred in 28 bth_hyperinflationcountries around the world on a total of 35 different occasions of which 17 occurred in 1992 alone. Currently, only Zimbabwe and Venezuela are plagued by hyperinflation. @A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of ? Your KEY To Making Money!

When inflation exceeds 50% per month and lasts for at least 30 consecutive days it qualifies as hyperinflation. For all the details check out The Hanke-Krus World Hyperinflation Table which contains all 58 episodes of hyperinflation over the past 100 years, including several which had previously gone unreported. The table indicates the start and end dates of each episode, identifies the month of peak hyperinflation, and signifies the currency that was in circulation, as well as the method used to calculate inflation rates.@Economic Developments

Below is an amended and abbreviated Hanke-Krus World Hyperinflation Table

Below is a chart of the current worldwide hyperinflation situation:

Triple-digit inflation has taken countries around the world by storm in 2018. Argentina, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe currently have annualized inflation at the hundred and 111%, 187%, 38%, 127%, 27% and 170% and that's not even mentioning the total destruction of the Bolivar in Venezuela. Source:

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11. Stages of Hyperinflation & Death of a Fiat Currency
The Fed, together with other central banks from around the world, have created the perfect crescendo of worldwide credit bubbles and asset bubbles leading to the excesses and decadence which are the normal finale to a secular trend. They have totally destroyed all major world currencies and left the world with debts that cannot and will not be repaid with normal money. As such, there are only two alternative outcomes, debt default or hyperinflation. Both will have disastrous consequences for the world economy.
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Economists are telling central banks to accelerate monetary growth even faster…to avoid a bank balance sheet implosion with all the deflationary consequences that implies. [As such,] the prospects for 2012, and thereafter, are for Total Money Supply to continue its hyperbolic trend - and when such a trend becomes established it becomes almost impossible to stop because the whole debt-based economy and the banking system would collapse. [Let me explain further.]
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Increases in spending and liabilities along with decreases in foreign lending equals a recipe for disaster, so where will the money come from? This is a job for the printing press. While we are certainly facing deflation in the near term and a very choppy market, the groundwork has been laid for hyperinflation, soaring interest rates and exploding gold and silver prices.
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Pushing the big problems into the future appears to have been the working strategy for both the Fed and recent Administrations, yet the U.S. dollar and the budget deficit do matter, and the future is at hand. The day of ultimate financial reckoning has arrived, and it is playing out.


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